Robot World: Exoskeletons

Hexar Systems

This company is a spin-off from the C&R Lab at Hanyang University.
They are working on a range of prototypes designed for military, assistive or rehabilitation purposes.
On display was the HL40, UR10, CR10H, CR55 and WA20 variants.

The group has published various papers, such as:
Kim et al., “Mechanical design of the Hanyang Exoskeleton Assistive Robot (HEXAR)”, ICCAS 2014 PDF

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KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)

The were demonstrating the HyPER3 “wearable robot”.
It was designed to work for up to 9 hours, carrying heavy loads for military, construction or disaster applications.

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Fig. 6:

Demonstration of HyPER II and III
being used to assist with walking,
running and lifting weights.