Robots at CES 2018: Actuators

Other than HD (Harmonic Drive), the following companies were in attendance:

Robotis Co. Ltd

They were demonstrating their range of servo motors and robots for education.
There was a large banner with a cute robot pictured saying “I’m Truly Sorry.. But I won’t be able to replace You”
which is topical, given the recent debate about robots taking away peoples jobs.

They had two of their large ThorMang3 humanoid robots (Fig. 2-3). The style of the head, combined with a black and red color scheme makes this particular model look a bit more menacing than earlier versions.
They were also showing a video of an older product, the DARwIn-OP small humanoid robot doing a bit of downhill skiing.

They had a 6-DOF table mounted manipulator with a two jaw parallel gripper and camera-in-hand (Fig. 4). It was grasping blocks labeled with fiducial markers.


Fig. 1:
“Robots will not replace you,
rather Robots will empower
your lives.”

Fig. 2:

Fig. 3:

Fig. 4:
6-DOF manipulator

Nidec Copal Electronics Corp. / Fujisoft

This company was advertising their DC motors and force-torque sensors designed for service robots.
They worked with Toyota on servo motors and torque sensors for the T-HR3 humanoid robot (Fig. 11).
Also at this booth was Fujisoft, an ODM for products like robot toys.

Fig. 5:

Fig. 6:
AI-Mitate 6-DOF manipulator

Fig. 7:
Motors for AGV

Fig. 8:
IoT Fan Motors for robot

Fig. 9:
IoT Fan Motors for exoskelton

Fig. 10:
FT sensors

Fig. 11:
FT sensors for T-HR3
humanoid robot

Fig. 12:
An egg-shaped social robot

Shenzhen Zhaowei Machinery & Electronics Co. Ltd

This company sells DC motors and gearboxes (gearhead / reducer).
They also have some interesting custom designed gearboxes for specific products.

Fig. 13: