Robots at CES 2018: Biped Robots

Walker by UBTech

They were demonstrating a prototype, human-size biped called “Walker”. It’s electrically-powered and can walk up/down stairs.

It looks like the robot’s walking pattern on flat surfaces has a short dynamic phase. When the robot steps onto one foot (the Single Support Phase), the robot is stable so long as the ZMP (Zero Moment Point) remains within the area of that foot.
However, for stairs it looks like they are using a walking pattern with static balance. As the robot moves to the SSP, you can see it adjust the balance so the COG (Center of Gravity) is completely over that foot. You can see that they also make the swing foot touch the ground with just the toe first, which is an easier way to compensate for shock forces and adjust the robot’s posture.

The company was also demonstrating their small Lynx humanoid (which looks similar to Nao), a dual-arm service robot called Cruzr (Fig. 7-8), an educational robotics kit called Jimu (Fig. 10), and a Star Wars Stormtrooper robot toy (Fig. 9).


Fig. 1:

Fig. 2:

Fig. 3:
They had multiple “Walker” robots
hanging from their support frames.

Fig. 4:
The demo area with stairs.

Demo video of “Walker”.
They were doing the same demo
live at CES, every hour or so.

Fig. 5:

Fig. 6:
Small biped called “Lynx”.

Fig. 7:

Fig. 8:

Fig. 9:

Fig. 10:
“Jimu” educational robot.