Robots at CES 2018: Robot Hands

BrainRobotics (BrainCo)

BrainCo has developed a BMI (Brain-Machine Interface) headband that can be used to control robots, amongst other things.
At CES their BrainRobotics division was demonstrating their low-cost prosthetic hand (Fig. 1-2).
They also had a Sawyer robot arm that could be controlled by their BMI to grasp ping pong balls (Fig. 3-5).

Fig. 1:
Prosthetic hand

Fig. 2:
Prosthetic hand

Fig. 3:
BMI control of Sawyer robot.

Fig. 4:
BMI control of Sawyer robot.

Fig. 5:
BMI control of Sawyer robot.

Shanghai OYMotion Technoloies Co. Ltd.

They were demonstrating their robot hand and a gesture recognition system that uses an arm-band sensor to detect muscle motion.

Fig. 6:

Demo of gesture control with TV.


Zorpia Robot Co. Ltd

Their booth was empty but it looks like they are developing a bionic or prosthetic hand.
It’s not clear if their poster shows their actual product or a concept design.

Fig. 7: