Robots at CES 2018: Robotic Laundry Machines


Their device is a mechatronic box, about the size of a small fridge, that can fold some types of garments that you feed into the top like feeding bills into a vending machine.

Fig. 1:

Fig. 2:

Demo of folding a towel
and some shirts.

Seven Dreamers

This company has been demonstrating their Laundroid machine since 2015. Originally the device was built-into a bedroom cupboard, leading to suggestions that there was either a lot of equipment or a person hidden in there.

Nowadays it’s a huge box the size of an industrial fridge. Apparently it contains robot arms, a computer vision system, and uses deep learning to categorize and sort a family’s laundry.

Fig. 3:
The Seven Dreamers booth.

Fig. 4:
Demo of the Laundroid machine.