Robot World: Mobility Devices


HuboQ is a “quick delivery robot” that comprises of a remote-controlled base with 4 wheels and a self-stabilizing tray for carrying small objects.
It can change into a “human transporter” mode that allows a person to use it in a 2 wheeled configuration like a Segway.
The upper mechanism is actually the 5-DOF leg from a Hubo robot.


Fig. 1:

Fig. 2:

Video 1:
Demo using remote control
to deliver a water bottle.

Video 2:
Riding HuboQ as a personal
transport device.

KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute)

A wheelchair for extreme terrain. It has 4 wheels and 4 “flippers” with continuous tracks that allow it to climb stairs of variable angle, similar to military robots like the iRobot PackBot.

Fig. 3:

Video 3:
They were driving the wheelchair
around their booth.

Video 4:
Demonstration of the wheelchair
driving up stairs.

More recently, an American inventor built a similar wheelchair that really does look like a tank:

KIRIA (Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement)

They have developed a self-balancing scooter called BB-Rider, similar to the Hubo-way or Segway.
They have various models: BB Rider “Classic”, “Hands-free” and “Moving Chair”.

Fig. 4: