Robot World: Other Robots


They were promoting their Modular7, which is a small robot made from modular components.
Potential applications include education and entertainment.

Fig. 1:
Modular7 robot

KIRO (Korea Institute of Robot & Convergence)

A small self-balancing robot. The arms are made from Robotis Dynamixel motors.

Fig. 2:

iRobot Co. Ltd

Don’t confuse this Korean company with that maker of robotic vacuum cleaners.
This company was showing their “Smart Home Auto” which is a device that allows
you to control your home appliances via your computer or smart phone.
Website: (offline)

Fig. 3:
Brochure for the iRobot Smart Home Auto

Drumming robot

This little robot beats the drums in time with a person playing the flute.
The robot uses Dynamixel motors made by Robotis.