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This 6-DOF manipulator originally began as a project for a division of Samsung and was designed by Professor JunHo Oh from the HUBO Lab (Humanoid Robot Research Center) at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology).
After that project finished, the design morphed into what you see here, which is a light-weight arm having upper-arm and lower-arm links of similar length.

The body is CNC machined aluminium with Maxon motors and Harmonic Drive reducers.
The robot is controlled by a Windows-based program that runs on Windows XP with RTX.
One student used this manipulator to create a vision-guided ball-hitting robot and another student created the pick-and-place demo shown in the video below.

I actually worked at the Hubo Lab for one year where I developed a Linux-based real-time control system and a ROS (Robot Operating System) interface for motion planning. I tested that software with Hubo Arm and other robots developed in the lab.

Fig. 1:
Hubo Lab booth at Kintex

Fig. 2:
Hubo Arm

Video 1:
A pick-and-place demo

Korea University

The IRL (Intelligent Robotics Laboratory) were demonstrating their COBRA (Counterbalance Robot Arm).
They also had a dual-arm robot with a Bumblebee stereo camera, that utilizes their KU-Dex (Korea University Dexterous Arm).
Website: Robotics Laboratory/

Fig. 3:

Fig. 4:
Poster for COBRA

Fig. 5:

Fig. 3:

Fig. 4:
Lab brochure

Unknown lab

This group was showing their human-safe robot arm which tries to keep a
safe distance from people using a Kinect sensor.

Video 2:

KIMM (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials)

They were advertising the newly-designed AMIRO dual arm manipulator.
Website: (in Korean) (English translation)

Video 3:
This shows a simulated version of AMIRO performing
factory tasks with another robot or human.

This video from news network YTN shows the real robot in action.
Video 4:


They were demonstrating their industrial robot arms.

Video 5:
You can see one robot is holding a car body part while
the other robot moves an arc welder in unison.