Robot World: Sensors

SKKU (SungKyunKwan University)

This group has been developing structured light 3D cameras for some time.
The started working on IR (Infra-Red) based 3D cameras in 2005 and developed their first projector-based 3D camera in 2006.

They were demonstrating their Pico-SL12 “Alligator” 3D camera and promoting their spin-off company called “InG 3D Camera”.

Fig. 1:

Fig. 2:

Fig. 3:

Live demo showing the sensor capturing a depth image of a toy train driving around a track.
The quality looks good but the frame rate is not fast enough.

KRISS (Korea Research Institute of Standards & Science)

They have been working on tactile sensors and were demonstrating a touch-sensitive finger tip for robots.

The group has published a paper:
Kim et al., “Robot fingertip tactile sensing module with a 3D-curved shape using molding technique”, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 2013 PDF

Fig. 4:
The group’s booth at Kintex.

This shows you the force distribution on
the finger-tip, when pressure is applied.

Dong-Ki Kim

Hokuyo LiDAR

I noticed the local Korean distributor was handing out flyers that feature a Hubo robot
preparing to do a crane kick, like in the movie “Karate Kid”.

Fig. 5: