Robots at CES 2018: Educational Robots


A company from the UK (England), they are selling robotic toys to help kids learn about programming and making things.
Also, their booth was the place to get a cup of English breakfast tea!

Fig. 1:

mBot by Makeblock

A construction set and Arduino based controller for building robots. You can even make a tracked robot that looks like Wall-E.
They have lots of other educational products also.

Fig. 2:
The blue-colored robot on
the right looks like Wall-E.

Cellus Bot by Acellus Learning Systems

This little robot is part of “STEM-10”, a 10-year course in programming developed for homeschool students.

I was interested because I recently saw a very similar looking robot for sale online, called “Dancing, spinning robot with flashing lights”.
For example, Walmart has it for $16.95:
It looks like the cheap version might be missing some of the functionality described on Accellus’ web page, but I’m curious to know which version came first.

Fig. 3:


They were demonstrating their Krypton brick construction set.
The parts and packaging look very similar to LEGO Technic and Mindstorms NXT (see Fig. 5). However, one useful addition is the pair of caterpillar tracks, which are very useful for building mobile robots and something that hobbyists would have to source from other sets of Lego. Some of the models you can build (Fig. 7) remind me of the simple machines found in early LEGO Technic and Dacta sets designed for the classroom.

They also have some other robot toys, like a small dancing humanoid robot that looks like the “Alpha 2” from UBTech.

Fig. 4:
The Abilix booth.

Fig. 5:

The Abilix Krypton6 set.

Fig. 6:
Close-up of tracked robot
you can build.

Fig. 7:
Close-up of Ferris Wheel
and carousel models.

Fig. 8:

Oculus5 mobile robot

Fig. 9:
Everest4 and Everest6
humanoid robots.

Fig. 10:

Demo of robots dancing.