Robots at CES 2018: Mobility Devices


This is a two-wheeled wheelchair, built on top of a self-balancing Segway robot platform with a custom actuated chair that can raise the user from a seated position to almost standing height. The user is strapped into the chair and when the device is in an upright posture the smaller footprint allows both better maneuverability through doors, and the user can conduct conversations at eye-level with other people.

Note, many groups have developed self-balancing wheelchairs over the years, such as the iBOT by DEKA.

Fig. 1:

Segway – Ninebot

They were demonstrating “Loomo”, a mobility device and a personal companion robot that was first seen at CES 2016.
There is now an accessory called “Loomo Go”, which is like a trailer for Loomo that allows it to transport items around indoors.

This company has an interesting back-story: one of Ninebot’s early products, the Ninebot-E, looked like a copy of Segway’s product. Yet instead of entering into a patent dispute, Ninebot purchased the Segway company.

Fig. 2:
The Segway-Ninebot booth.

Fig. 3:
Demo of Loomo.

Fig. 4:

Fig. 5:
The Ninebot E+,
Segway x2 SE and i2 SE.