Projects: Electrical Projects

Here are some electrical projects from around the house.

Fig. 1: Structured wiring system for a small residential property.
(top left) Pulling twisted-pair and coaxial cables into the wiring closest.
In this system voice outlets are terminated at a distribution patch panel
and data outlets are connected to a packet switch.
Fig. 2: Power distribution and battery charging system for a camping trailer or motor home.
A temperature-controlled fan (not shown) forces air through the cabinet.
Fig. 3: Front yard lighting for the Christmas holiday.
Santa and his 9 reindeer were hand-made using marine plywood and oil-based paint. The decorations are lit using spotlights hidden in the tree.
The sign on the chimney says “Santa please stop here”. Rudolph’s nose is made from a red-colored lighting gel and illuminated with a 12v light bulb.