Robots at CES 2018: Robotic Luggage

Imagine a future filled with mechatronic items, where you luggage or your furniture might drive around or transform their shape.
This year at CES there were more companies with robotic luggage. Other competitors in this space include NUA Robotics and CowaRobot.

Travelmate Robotics Inc.

They have developed 3 sizes of hard, plastic suitcase that can move autonomously. The base has two omni-directional wheels and two castors, which allows it to move in a direction independent of which face the suitcase is facing. The wheels are located such that the suitcase can drive either in the horizontal (laying flat) position, or in a vertical position.

Fig. 1:

Puppy1 by 90Fun

This suitcase is not just autonomous, but also balances on two wheels like a Segway.

Fig. 2:


CX-1 by ForwardX Robotics

This suitcase can apparently recognize your face, follow you and avoid obstacles whilst doing so.
It appears to drive using 4 independently-driven steerable castor wheels.

Fig. 3: